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Eayrs, Dr George
1864-1926; e.m. 1887

UM minister, born in Leicester on 18 November 1864, he entered the MNC ministry from a solicitor's office. Despite having no college training he had a passion for Methodist history and published several important studies, including an edition of John Wesley's letters (1915). He suggested, planned and largely edited the New History of Methodism (2 vols, 1909). In 1924 he was awarded the Durham PhD for work on John Wesley as 'Christian Philosopher' (published 1926). In his will he endowed the Eayrs Essay, an annual prize for an historical essay by a junior Methodist minister. It was first awarded in 1935/36, but has been in abeyance since 1988. He died in October 1926.


  • UM Magazine, 1927 pp.13-14

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