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Thorncliffe Ironworks, Sheffield

This was a joint venture by three partners in the Phoenix Foundery at Snow Hill, Sheffield. George Newton and Thomas Chambers were leading members at Mount Pleasant Wesleyan Pleasant Wesleyan Chapel, Chapeltown, Sheffield. Along with their fellow Wesleyan Henry Longden they obtained a lease from Earl Fitzwilliam giving them the right to extract coal and iron in Thorneycliffe Valley, Chapeltown.The Thorneycliffe Ironworks opened its first blast-furnace in April 1795 and a second in 1796; these were replaced in the 1870s.By the end of the 19th century their industrial activities had extended from coal and iron mining to building blast furnaces, coke ovens and chemical works.

Their work contributed to the building of the Eddystone Lighthouse (opend 1882) and Tower Bridge, London (1886-1894). In 1939 the business was taken over by the Admiralty and became the largest builder of Churchill tanks. The business ceased in the post-war years.

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