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Ammon, Charles George, Lord Ammon

Labour politician, born on 22 April 1873 in Camberwell, London of humble parentage. He had a Methodist upbringing and became a local preacher in 1901. He was actively involved in the Brotherhood Movement, becoming its President in 1929 and again in 1945.

After leaving school he worked for 24 years for the Post Office and became Secretary of the Union of Post Office Workers.He was Labour representative on the London County Council and Labour MP for North Camberwell 1922-1931 and 1935-1944, before entering the Upper House as Baron Ammon of Camberwell. As chairman of the National Dock Labour Corporation, he played a controversial part in the London dock strike of 1949.

He died on 2 April 1960 and the speaker at his funeral service at Herne Hill Methodist Church was Donald Soper.


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