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Sutton family, of Nottingham

Charles Sutton (c.1765-1829), newspaper proprietor and local preacher, was a founder member of the Methodist New Connexion in Nottingham. He printed many of the connexion's early publications and was Secretary of the MNC Conference in 1804. In 1808 he founded the Nottingham Review, a Whig paper which supported the Luddites in 1815. This earned him 18 months in prison. He died on 14 December 1829.

His only son Richard Sutton (1789-1856), born on 1 July 1789, became a local preacher in 1816 and took over the editorship of the Review in 1829. More radical than his father, he used it to advocate annual Parliaments and manhood suffrage, while remaining active in MNC affairs. He served on the Nottingham Town Council and as a Poor Law Guardian. Within the MNC he was a Guardian Representative and served on several occasions as Secretary of the Conference. He died at Scarborough on 30 September 1856.

Of Richard Sutton’s ten sons and a daughter, Henry Sutton was intended to become a chemist but, choosing to become a writer, was on the staff of the Manchester Guardian and subsequently became the editor of the Alliance News.


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