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Meadley, Thomas Donald
1909-1989; e.m. 1933

He was born at Longdown, Hants, on 29 December 1909,the son of a PM minister, and entered *Hartley College in 1930. P.T. Forsyth was an important early influence. In 1957, at the instigation of W.E. *Sangster, he was appointed Principal of *Cliff College, where he initiated a period of change before returning to circuit work in 1965. His convictions led him to register a dissentient vote on the Report to Conference on the *Anglican-Methodist Conversations in 1963. He contributed to the revision of the *Book of Offices. The best known of his books was Top Level Talks studies in scriptural holiness (1969). He died at *Cheltenham on 25 May 1989.


  • Methodist Recorder, 8 June 1989

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