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James, Frederick

He was born at Masborough, Rotherham and by the age of 11 was playing the organ at the local WM chapel. He also played the violin and double-bass. As a student at Westminster College he was college organist. He taught at Ellesmere Wesleyan School, Sheffield 1878-1884 and at Woodhouse Grove 1884-1912. He edited the Woodhouse Grove Song Book. He served on the music committee for the WM Hymn Book (1904), which included five of his tunes. 'Noricum' (HP 791; SF 102) was originally set to 'Christ whose glory fills the skies'; later to 'Light and life and joy are found' and (in the 1933 hymn book) to 'For the beauty of the earth'. He died at Bradford on 18 January 1922.

Category: Person

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