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The Wesley Historical Society was founded in 1893 for the advancement of interest in the history of all branches of the Methodist Church.

Rev John Wesley
1703 - 1791

Rev John Wesley
'I look upon the whole
world as my parish'

Rev Charles Wesley
1707 - 1788

Rev Charles Wesley
'God buries His workmen,
but carries on His work'

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Carte de Visite of Rev. George Dyson.


            It is said that the only British Methodist Minister to be charged with murder was the Wesleyan Rev. George. Dyson, who was implicated in the Pimlico Poisoning murder in 1886.           

            Mr Thomas Bartlett died, with a fatal quantity of chloroform in his stomach. It was argued that this was at the hands of his wife Adelaide, who it was alleged had been aided by Rev. George Dyson in the procurment of poison. George Dyson was the couple's spiritual counsellor and friend, with suggestions that Adelaide and George Dyson were also romantically attached.

            A coroner's inquest returned a verdict of wilful murder by Adelaide Bartlett, with George Dyson being an accessory before the fact. At the subsequent trial the charges against George Dyson were immediately  dropped and he was formally acquitted, and Adelaide was acquitted at the end of the trail. The case has been much analysed, and written about.

            After the trial Rev George Dyson emigrated. He was the son of Wesleyan minister Rev John B. Dyson (ministerial dates 1839-1904) the author of the History of Wesleyan Methodism in the Congleton circuit 1856, and the Rise and Progress of Wesleyan Methodism in the Leek Circuit, 1853.

NB Rev John Dyson and his son George both feature in the online dictionary of Methodism, available on this site.



 By coincidence a member of the WHS lives in George Dyson's former house in Putney, shown above.
















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